Transformation opportunities we invest in

While we are growth minded investors, and believe that driving growth is the greatest source of long term value creation for shareholders and stakeholders, we assess transformation opportunities where the potential and objectives of the business align with our heritage and expertise.

  • Supporting out-of-favour businesses to enhance long-term performance
  • Enabling strategic focus via the carve-out of non-core assets from corporates
  • Supporting and re-investing in the turnaround/ restructuring of a strong core business
  • Resolving distress in fundamentally good businesses
  • Revenues >$20 million
  • Long-standing business (>10 years)


  • Transformation opportunities can carry higher perceived risk for the business and its customers, suppliers, and employees
  • Our operating track record demonstrates successful execution of a wide range of successful transformation initiatives: product/ service rationalisation; refined go to market strategy and pricing; acceleration of operating cadence; and deployment of technology to drive efficiency and productivity
  • We consider this track record and our holding structure are compelling to owners and management of businesses with transformation potential


  • Family office structure enables expedited investment decision making, supporting certainty and speed of transaction execution. Nationwide investment opportunities in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and more.
  • Approach to leverage is conservative – we’re focused on preserving equity value. We believe our value add in transformation opportunities is via operations and strategy, not financial engineering

Our experts are always on hand

  • All investees and management teams/founders have direct access to David Teoh, in addition to the private investment team.
  • Our specialist support builds confidence and capacity, every step of the way.

For all investment related enquiries, please introduce yourself via e-mail or the provided form.

For all investment related enquiries, please introduce yourself via email or the provide online form.