What we look for in a software business

Every business we welcome to Teoh Capital is right at home. That’s due to our adherence to tried and tested investment criteria. We’re excited to hear from founders or representatives from software and technology companies that have:

  • We prefer to acquire controlling interests, but consider substantial minority deals (20%+)
  • Revenues of $5-50+ million ($3-5m where fast-growing), sourced from a diverse customer base
  • SME and/ or enterprise customers
  • At least cash flow break-even (prefer positive EBITDA)
  • Quality product and strong unit economics

We build scale

  • We purchase a percentage of your company and help it scale.
  • We know how to drive value and grow the businesses we invest in.
  • We’ve dealt with your challenges.

Our reputation is strong

  • We’re known for our stability and consistency.
  • With decades of experience in the software and technology industry, we’re a safe pair of hands.

We look after our people

  • We’re family-centred and people-focused.
  • We’ll retain and develop the great people you’ve attracted into your business.

We’re well connected

  • We have strong global networks of top talent and encourage the sharing of expertise.
  • We offer unrivalled access to offshore networks essential for global expansion.

We’re agile

  • With a family-run investment firm, there’s a single-layer decision process.
  • This means highly efficient transaction execution and higher certainty of proceeds than other investors in the market.

Our experts are always on hand

  • All investees and management teams/founders have direct access to David Teoh, in addition to the investment team.
  • Our specialist support builds confidence and capacity, every step of the way.

The typical investment stages we consider

Core focus

Developed businesses

You have an established company

Your business is profitable, with annual revenue of $2-50+ million, and is trading at least cash flow break even. You’re looking at selling part of the business and leveraging private equity to realise the value of what you’ve built, while preparing for the next growth phase, or to exit and/or retire.

Other focus area


Non-commercialised software

Your business owns internal software but you might not have commercialised it. You want to partner with a top tier software investor for the next steps.

Commercialised software

You have a business that owns commercialised software through a subsidiary. The subsidiary is non core to your strategy today or requires specialised focus to develop.

Other focus area


You are looking for growth capital

Your business has a service or product in the early stages. Your objective is to raise capital, hire and scale staff to continue building the product, enhance your sales engine and start marketing.

For all investment related enquiries, please introduce yourself via e-mail or the provided form.

For all investment related enquiries, please introduce yourself via email or the provide online form.