We know software and technology

We’re specialist investors in industry-specific software and technology businesses. As one of Australia's Leading private equity firms we have decades of success growing technology businesses in these fields to make their mark on the world.

Enduring growth

We choose sustainable growth over ‘growth at all costs’. We focus on unit economics and keep our eye on each company’s North Star during its growth life cycle. We’ll take your existing business practices and partnerships and help you enhance what you do, for greater impact. It’s about how we can use our 30 years of experience to help you better drive what you’re already doing. If we didn’t like your current direction, we wouldn’t invest in your company. We want your long-term employees to thrive — if we invest, we like your team.

Direct access to our founding family

David Teoh founded and grew TPG Telecom to become a leading Australian telecommunications provider. We offer direct access to David and to our experienced team of investors. It’s never about telling you what to do. It’s about our experts collaborating with you in an inclusive environment, building on the work you’ve done, growing what you love and making a difference.

Be an owner, feel like an owner

It’s important to us that you’re still at the wheel. We have well-developed playbooks that help manage and grow a business, but there’s no corporate styling. But you’re still in charge. You’ll be operating your business autonomously. We’re not a corporate who will look to replace or restructure your team, or discount your or their voice. You’ll feel empowered and supported, with our capital and team opening new possibilities.

Flexible, permanent capital

We invest to build businesses for the long term. We have no fixed timing to realise our investment. We don’t trade in and out of companies. We offer longevity and continuity, with constant access to resources and consultation. When you and your staff are confident in the stability of business ownership, we believe you can relax and get on with your most creative work.

Global possibilities

We offer unrivaled access to offshore networks. Whether it’s expert advice from other leaders across different functional areas of business, or access to critical resources from offshore expansion, we’ll connect you to our strong and experienced pan-Asian and global networks.

Why work with Teoh Capital?

We Do Things Differently

  • We’re flexible: Capital out, capital in, both majority and minority investments.
  • We enable sellers to achieve a two stage exit in order to de-risk now while maximise their retained investment, the value of which we will help grow
  • Our technological expertise drives value. It grows businesses. And it does that without the stress and bureaucracy of corporate models.
  • Family-run, with decades of experience, we offer confidence, stability and consistency.
  • What you see is what you get — we’re accountable only to ourselves, and the people making the investment and ongoing decisions are the same ones you work with in the years to come.
  • Given our structure and funding base, we offer the highest certainty and transparency of anyone in the market in the execution of deals, and can expedite due diligence.

Comparison of Teoh Capital to other sources of capital

Here at Teoh Capital, we take a different approach from other providers of capital. We’re closely invested in you as a business. Importantly, we know that this extends far beyond simply providing finances and that it shouldn’t have to require handing over control of the business that you’ve nurtured and created success with so far.

Instead, we want to provide your business with a partnership experience that allows you to achieve your ambitions and grow your business into the next phase of its success. Whether that’s developing new products, reaching a wider audience for your brand or simply getting that push to go to the next level, David Teoh’s team can assist.

But what makes us different from other potential investors? The chart below gives a breakdown of how Teoh Capital differs from other private equity providers, venture capital, and trade or corporate buyers.

Teoh Capital Private Equity Venture Capital Trade / Corporate Buyer
Capital out – vendors can realise value
Capital in – growth equity into companies
Vendors maximise proceeds via 2-stage exit while de-risking today
Company management retain operational continuity
Material, dedicated operational input – not just ‘support’
Direct, local access to founder-investor
Streamlined, single-layer and agile investment decision making

As you can see, Teoh Capital delivers the most well-rounded experience for vendors. We’re able to provide you with autonomy, direct access to the founding family including David Teoh, agile decision-making and much more. It’s an arrangement that benefits everyone involved. You’re able to maintain continuity on a day-to-day basis, allowing for better in-office relations and discussions with existing customers and vendors while also gaining access to a new level of funding and expertise. It’s your existing brand identity, but better!

To discover more about how you can benefit by working with Teoh Capital and gaining insights from David Teoh, why not get in touch today? Just fill in the contact form below and one of our team members will be in touch shortly. We’re looking forward to helping you reach new highs within your chosen industry.

For all investment related enquiries, please introduce yourself via e-mail or the provided form.

For all investment related enquiries, please introduce yourself via email or the provide online form.