The view from where you sit

Long-term stable ownership. Operational autonomy. Steady growth. We offer the kind of business security that helps you sleep at night.

Founder / Owner

Tenacity and creative drive can take you a long way, but even the most imaginative business owners eventually reach the limits of their resources and capital. We propel businesses further than they can go alone, through access to our capital and top talent. It’s the financial backing and expert guidance you need, without the loss of your autonomy.

Senior Executives

Senior leaders in the software companies we invest in play a crucial role not only during the transaction but when the real work continues post investment. At Teoh Capital, we provide the capital and guidance from our multi-decade track record of success to assist you to keep doing what you do best.

M&A Advisers

We know how to do business. We expedite due diligence and complete investments quickly and effectively. We offer the certainty and reliability you need to have full trust in the process. There is no other ‘committee’ or external investors, reviewing due diligence or making the final decision to invest. It’s us. What you see is what you get.

For all investment related enquiries, please introduce yourself via e-mail or the provided form.

For all investment related enquiries, please introduce yourself via email or the provide online form.